Sarah Paterson

(Transformational Life & Business Mentor. MRCVS, MBA)

“I work with clinical and diversified vets and health professionals at all stages of their career and mastery of personal well-being. Listening to the unconscious mind, I encourage the use of positive language when communicating with self and others. Emotion will always override logic (disabling capabilities), when we embrace this fact, we learn self- compassion, to unwind and to live life outside of work and, to love working too. I’m a Transformational Life and Business Mentor, NLP practitioner and Hypnotherapist. Overcome the Overwhelm and Reset to Calm with me, the Insightful Medic.” – Sarah

EduceToday supports those wanting ‘more from life’, seeking change or facing adversity. A Veterinary graduate of ‘93, MBA(Open) 2004, she encourages life balance, tenacity and resilience. Combined NLP, Hypnotherapy, Transformational Life Coaching skills and bespoke breathing techniques enable mentees to look within to manage the external challenges of life, to embrace change.

Fresh, engaging and dynamic methods assist colleagues to manage pressures and anxieties. Teaching ‘peer, team and client communications’ is key to helping clinicians to find their identity, to articulate their passions, see opportunities and to reconnect with their heart and soul, at home and in practice.

Current expectations and Increasingly stressful modern conditions of employment are resulting in many working harder, finding less reward and struggling with increasing conflicts with their preferred ways of working. Mounting pressures at work can lead to a reduction in the personal time taken to relax and unwind, to assess any available opportunities, to dream and to action ambition. 

She’s been there and felt trapped, ‘over the hill’ professionally and past my best socially. She thought she had missed any and all potential opportunities available to her.

She is now respectfully declining them!

In a series of fun, transformational sessions, EduceToday mentees: 

Rediscover their passion for their current role and identify all available opportunities.
Gain Clarity – determine what they are successful at and transfer these capabilities to a role which supports them.
Diversify to a new career or start planning for their next, from today.
Discover  Life outside of work and regain their energy for bigger dreams.

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